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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  July 4, 2018 9:00am-10:14am EDT

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rescue crews still working caround the clockome up with a way tora get that ted soccer team out of a flooded cave and this morning, we're seeing new video from youeep boys are learning to swim and dive. the stanley cic'story tour comes to a special fundraiser here in bethesda today. with john carlson in tow. i'm bob barnard. we'll tell you about the little boy inspiringoday's event. and ler, 2018 already more than half ove t sos morning, we're sha seen so far and the ones w have can't wait to see next. a special edition of good day a 9a starts now. ♪ there you go. that's a good way to start show on july 4th holiday. good.ay d.c so glad you're with us on this wednesday independence day.
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>> i know wisdom woke up this morning and he said to himself, i cannot wait to sit with kevin for two hours andut just hang and be friends. i understand. >> it is why sit there and he sit here. >> because he can't handle it. m aureen and i would be the buffer. >> he didn't want to have any body blocking the look of love. >> really wants tout talk ready player one and all the great movies tt come out this year. i know you're exced >> you know me so well. >> wisdom, evening you. thank you for being my friend. >> titnk you for being w us. we'll try to keeprybody in their corners. >> you know i love you i'm just kidding. ide today. to see your patripric t us youreetw july 4th pictures decked out in red bluew an many hash tag fox5 turth. we'reing to show as many as we can ttwough the no hours of good day.c. here o fox5. ll of thatwe get to we want to talk about the weather because it's hot. no surprises there because w holiday heatave isn't over just yet which means it will be a good day for these pools
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and barbeques if you like heat. details now tucker barnes back with a first cck of the forecast. good morning, tuck. >> good morning all about the heat and the humidity this time nd year unfortunately mother nature delivering o lot h ifitd humid today. only featuring low 90s with a heatndex near 100 which actually i little better than yesterday wn we were closer to 110, to 115 with that hea index. wht and humid fourth.eew at that seems typical around here. currtly overnight. overnight low right around 80 here in washington. already our heat index i 92. all about making sure you stay hydrated todaynd protecting your skin. member that uv index very high in that see a mlounix o today could have a shower or ato thunrm later this afternoon. storm tracker radar is currently tracking quiet conditions. we do have a few clouds to start the day but for the most part it quiet. later this afternoon just like yesterday we had a few storms po up. will likely see a few isolate
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isolated storms rhernsbltaend te me reallyag driving the storms so as f as widespread shower and thunderstormths a ectxpected fof ju holiday.there you go. 92 afternoon clouds and sun mixed with a few afternoon storms. again, we're at 97 yesterday. so maybe a little better >> all right, guys, back to ande touc celebrate the fourth of juy festivity country so if you'rehe wh mge always,o find b w 'son to you pheulled p the d hon there as well. >> repter:y ] it is getting hot back here. that's for sure. hey look we're standing rit in the middle o constitution enavue a lot of people
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enjoying this america's ave this morning. we've got the flags up. people are biking. 'vhemngen and a lot of peo weang tpl red, white and blue. we'll come eouple right herse theyowowdoauc ey they' re prolds. i'morry. outfit. it just drew me to you. the red, and bluehi flip-flops, the tank top and you found a nice place in the shader ? >> yes, i was hereearned how to do it the rig way. that is to get into somehade. >> reporter: for sure. are you goi mall later today?e >> yes. yup. >>eporter: um-hmm. what brings you outou want tooub >> oh, we autave been o here allllct weekyua on vacatio. we love the things. we love to ce here and tore differentreas.>> reporter: whatt amthica's biry here in >>waoningt.c, histo dry. >> yeah. >> the history and, um,,m,at
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hemosp of patriotism and. reporter: yeah. you can't beat it, can you. >> yup. >> beautiful here. it's been great week. >> reporter: thank you. >> minnefrom? >> little warmer here, right? tle warmerit lear. l [ laughter ] coming down today, you definitely tucker has been talking about it this morning. you need t make sure that you stay hydrated you into he had tt make sure you find places for cooling and there will be some cooling shelters on the mall as well also security. expect to go through security and look, common sense, there's a number of things that you need to leave at home.mb nu one, no weapons, though nou ammunition. containers ortsrills. glass who wano be grilling dow re rig>>o drones.ol the aioatace one. you can'ttheo pes mall property as well and no tents that might be block somebody else'sr view. an question how many people might be coming down here today
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estimates are sometimes as many as a million people. metrots e to carryt0eopl to anda festivities of the day. and mess metro opened at 7:00 thi morning it will run until till leechate tonight. trains of six minutes. rush hour svicet 6:00. ofg peak fares all day lonnd parking is free. one thing y sho snow the smithsonian station, aington ation after 9:00 p.m. you'll not beex ableit those stations and really 9:00 p.m. when everything is going to kind of lock down because the concert is going to begin at 8in0. fireworks beg at 9:09 so if you a not where you want to be by then, you're just going to s have toy put for a little whilso , you should decide what youo want to. if you want to go to the concert concert, that's a 3:00 p.m. s securityeening entry up near the capitol. the rest of the mall for the fireworks screening opens at hi:00 o'clockni. bust t it looks like it's goibee ,
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for now live onioues'm gonst c . back to you. can dealh aityll
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